Dinning Room

    • BC-001

      Contemporary Bar units designed by Arena interiors. You will need to find a way to squeeze it into the best possible location available. Your kitchen or dining room would be ideal choices, although you can locate your bar in the living, basement or even under the staircase. Home interiors in Chennai.

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    • BC-002

      This all-modern bar has plenty of storage with a concealed mini-refrigerator tucked away inside a cabinet and open shelving for glasses. Arena Interiors perfect home interiors.

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    • BC-003

      A niche in the dining space has been converted into a perfectly fitted bar, with wine racks and a mini-refrigerator below the counter and glass shuttered cabinets for glasses. The word you can call us, modern interior design. house interior design interior decorator near me minimalist interior design. famous interior designers.

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    • CS-001

      Crockery units are versatile. They are stylish and trendy. Home interiors in Calicut Kerala.

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    • CS-002

      As the name suggests this type of crockery unit has a see-through glass front. home interiors in Kollam kerala.

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    • CS-003

      Glass cabinets look great. When it comes to glass, the style statement is effortless and elegant. These cabinets can be illuminated, embellished and underplayed and yet look good. Home interiors in pathanamthitta Kerala.

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    • CS-004

      Glass fronted crockery units can either be frameless, sliding, decorative or designed with mosaic. Home interiors in Kottayam Kerala.

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    • CS-005

      Manage your glassware, crockery collection in a simple yet stylish manner. Get more of well utilized space of your dining area, kitchen or living room with elegant crockery unit. Home interiors in Alappuzha Kerala. 

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    • CS-006

      Crockery units are made to make your dining area look more elegant, well managed, sharp and amazing.

      Home interiors in Idukki Kerala. 

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    • CS-007

      Crockery Units are basically made of Wood finish/ glossy finish/ Glass finish/ PU finish/ Lacquer finish.

      Home interiors in Thiruvalla Kerala.

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    • CS-008

      Fabricate the finishing touch of your dining area with different kind of sharp, good looking

      Home interiors in Ernakulam Kerala.

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    • CS-009

      Crockery unit can be place it in your living room, dining area or kitchen. Choice is yours according to your convenience. Home interiors in Thrissur Kerala.
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